by Queeny Pearl Corbita and Angeline Tagud, SAMAHAN Communications

July 29, 2012 marked a tragic day for everyone in the University, especially for those students who were victims of the infamous food poisoning incident that occurred during the Sui Generis Leaders’ Summit. A lot of students were hospitalized and even admitted due to that incident. It was the school who shouldered all the medical expenses of the students and after the incident, the SAMAHAN Central Board courtesy of Peter Jules Cañete (your SAMAHAN Treasurer) processed the papers for the insurance claims.

Six months after the incident, the claims were granted. Today, January 12, 2013, the University received its financial settlement. Maureene Ann Villamor, your Samahan President received the check amounting to Php 826,892.42 from Mr. Danilo Alipao, the Assistant Gen. Manager of ChinaBank Insurance Brokers Inc., along with Mr. Reymond Samon, the Marketing Assistant of ChinaBank Insurance Brokers Inc., and Mr. Reynald Agustin, the representative of Maa General Assurance Phils. Inc. This occurred at F705-A at around 1:00pm. After that, papers were signed formalizing the release of the claim and for the subrogation rights of the insurer.

The full amount will be given to the University who shouldered the expense as a reimbursement. Only 179 bona fide Ateneans were on the list and according to Mau, she was thankful that they received the money they rightfully deserve.

Six months have already elapsed. The scars have already disappeared for most of the students involved. For the caterer, MTC Rebosura, its hard earned reputation and successful relationship with the University have all gone down the drain. But bigger questions still remain: did the insurance company excercise its subrogation rights against the caterer? If not, will it?