Danica Lou Majait, Angeline Tagud and Kenneth Villegas, SAMAHAN Communications

January 21, 2013 was a great day for all Ateneo stakeholders, especially for the Business and Management cluster students since it marked the grand opening of the Ateneo Business Center (ABC) at F100, where NCCC Express used to be until it recently closed down.

Father Kim Lachica led the blessing of the venue and gave a short talk. According to him, the opening of the center “ is a realization of a dream, a dream of preparing a student to be a businessman.”

Originally, that part of the building was supposed to be for Ateneo’s income: a rentable space for clients and it truly is a strategic venue for clients. But the school administration decided to use it as an incubation area for its Entrepreneurship students, a real world classroom with the intent of molding the entrepreneurial skills they possess.

According to Mrs. Patricia Vergara, the Business Implementation subject instructor, the school already has trained its students to become true businessmen and by giving them this conveniently located venue, they have a hands on experience and will know more about how to run a business. “Business is not just on paper, it is actualized” she said.

Just like its sister school in Cagayan de Oro, the Xavier University, Ateneo de Davao University now has an avenue for Entrepreneurship students to practice their future profession. And while other courses generally focus on self-employment, a lot of business courses provide jobs for every generation. This is especially true for Entrepreneurship courses.

Hungry? Then visit the ABC now!