Here are the report of minutes of the following meetings:

4th Meeting Agenda:

1. Buklod Atenista
2. CADAC Updates
3. Instagram and Tumblr Blocks
4. Intrams Update
5. Constitution
6. Other Matters

View the 4th meeting minutes HERE

5th Meeting Agenda:

1. Mass Communication Partnership on Beach Volley
2. Discussion of the Roles of the Members
3. Code of Internal Procedures
4. ConCom
5. Updates
a. Buklod
5. Other Matters
6. Next Agenda

View the 5th meeting minutes HERE

6th Meeting Agenda:

1. Constitutional Commission
2. Sexual Harassment
3. Buklod Atenista Updates
4. GACP Class Officers Election
5. Semester Opener
6. Shirt Updates
7. Budget Presentation
8. Other matters

View the 6th meeting minutes HERE

Be involved Ateneans!