Commision on Internal Audit

The SAMAHAN Commission on Internal Audit is responsible of the thorough checking of financial documents and records that are within the authority of the SAMAHAN

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Venus Derla

CIA Head

James Clyderon Valdez

SON Auditor

Jesse Cuerpo

HumLet Auditor

Neil Andrew Zambrano

Sulugoon na Auditor

Christine Mabini

BM Auditor

Isadora Deiparine

GACP/CCO Auditor

Brittany Bañes

SS Auditor

Howie Mawie Martinez

CS Auditor

Erick Jan Sagot

SEA Auditor

Renmar Bartolome

SOE Auditor

Jascha Kate Sisante

ACC Auditor

Christine Suarez

SAS Auditor

Niño Andrew Vasquez

NSM Auditor