The SAMAHAN Communications is a committee focused on the secretarial duties of the Central Board, as well as on information management and public affairs. The SAMAHAN COMMS is a committee under the Office of the Secretary-General.

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Queen Esther Trimor

Communications Head

Sora Thea Lepasana

Content Writer

Tiara Medina

Covener, Samahan Network Of Infomation Officers

Breanne Kyna Limbaga

External Affairs Officer

Al Lorgentina Nonong

Finance Officer

Alexandra Balao

Deputy Direct Communications Coordinator

Christine Pearl Licarte

Archives Director

Eddyson Canoy

Social Media Manager

Ma. Angelica Jasimin Diaz

Direct Communications Coordinator

Jael Deb Rebuta

Deputy Content Writer

Sheena Marie Hernandez

Convener, SAMAHAN Network of Secretaries